Here’s What The Future Of Travel Looks Like

When Tupac dazzled audiences at the Coachella music festival last year, it heralded the mainstream arrival of the hologram. There was talk of a touring hologram Elvis and a dancing Marilyn Monroe, but few realized they’d soon interact with holograms on a more personal level at a place close to home: the local airport.

Introducing Paige and Carla. These virtual assistants were the first in a series of hologram personalities to pop up at airports across the United States. Paige made her debut last April at Washington Dulles, greeting and guiding international arrivals through customs as part of a summer-long pilot project. Carla joined the staff at Boston’s Logan International Airport over the summer in a different role, offering tips for getting through security checkpoints in two languages: English and Spanish.

Both Carla and Paige were designed by Tensator, a global leader of queue management solutions.

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