Hot Retail Trend: Combating Showrooming with Storytelling

Tensator Virtual AssistantWhether you are a boutique or a big box, the one sure way to combat showrooming is with storytelling.  Creating a unique customer in-store experience — one that shoppers will want to repeat is a sure way to combat customers leaving your store and going online.  How can retailers engage in storytelling?  According to a recent article in retailers can create inviting and comfortable “sticky” spaces where customers can linger, engage in a branding experience, and be introduced to new ideas, services and products.  By creating permanent temporary spaces within your store that tell a story, you invite customers to come back again and again.  According to the article, every month, a famous Paris department store invites a high profile celebrity in either sports, fashion, art, literature — to find and gather their “favorite things” from the store and then organize those into a mini department. This approach provides an opportunity for storytelling and ways to connect and identify with the personalities of this internal pop-up.

Next generation digital signage is a great way to create “sticky” spaces and permanent temporary spaces that bridge the gap between digital and brick and mortar.  According to, digital signage and digital experiences is an increasing trend among retailers that even boutiques are looking to introduce to their stores, offering customers the chance to engage in a way many of them crave – through technology. With affordable options, how you incorporate digital signage and the experience it brings to your  customers depends on you.  But beware of using “technology for technology’s sake,” as most digital signage solutions that are flat screens have already become part of the background “noise” that people have learned to tune out.   For maximum storytelling, consider the possibilities the Tensator Virtual Assistant, a next generation digital signage solution extends – whether in the form of a celebrity, a brand icon or just someone who will share ideas, call your attention to something new and attractive or teach you…about a wine, a perfume, the source of the emerald in a necklace, or provide dinner prep tips to fashion tips…this kind of storytelling not only engages with customers but actually creates behavioral change and encourages people to actually purchase the product/s being promoted.  

 The only limit to the kind of storytelling next generation digital signage provides is your imagination.