Reduce the “Shocking” Cost of Electrostatic Damaged Electronic Devices

We are all familiar with the static charge and shock we can receive when walking across a carpet or taking our clothes out of the dryer.  These are just small personal annoyances that don’t cost us anything but maybe some fabric softener; but for companies dealing with electronic devices, the cost of damage caused by electrostatic charges can be quite literally shocking!  According to the Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Association, the cost of ESD-damaged electronic devices can range from only a few cents for a simple component to several hundred dollars for more complex electronics. Loss of production time due to static attraction is also significant. When associated costs of repair and rework, shipping, labor, and overhead are included, clearly the opportunities exist for significant improvements in reducing losses to ESD and static electricity.

ESD Mini Wall Mounted Barrier

A simple way to address and help cut these costs is for companies to add ESD Visual Safety Reminders in all their Electrostatic Protected Areas (EPA.) EPA’s can range from a small working station to  large manufacturing areas. The main principle of an EPA is that there are no highly charging materials in the vicinity of ESD sensitive electronics, all conductive materials are grounded, workers are grounded, and charge build-up on ESD sensitive electronics is prevented.  International standards are used to define typical EPA and can be found for example from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) or American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Visual Safety Reminders clearly define EPA’s with posts, safe heavy duty retractable barriers, signage and safety reminder/compliance messages.

To ensure personnel see ESD signs at all times and comply with key ESD regulations, consider displaying important ESD safety messages — like reminders to user test ESD control wrist straps or to wear ESD shoes– in post top signage to reinforce regulations at the point of EPA entry and exit.Tensator safety posts, Tensabarriers and ESD Mini Wall Mounted Barriers with the patented Tensator centrifugal braking system are cost-effective, safe and practical solutions which enable companies to clearly define ESD protected areas at the point of entry and exit, ensuring compliance with ESD regulations.  You can even use Tensabarrier webbing to convey safety messages in eye-catching safety yellow, orange and red colors.

All of Tensator’s ESD solutions are easy to install and investing in these cost-effective solutions is a great way to help reduce costly ESD damage.