Building Loyalty with a Better Customer Experience in the Waiting Line

Through both mathematical correlations and actual company scores, Forrester researchers have proven that when your customers like the experience you deliver, they’re more likely to consider you for another purchase and recommend you to others. They’re also less likely to switch their business away to a competitor. This loyalty translates into more repeat purchases, more prospects influenced to buy through positive word of mouth, and less revenue lost to churn.

So it makes sense that businesses of all types are looking for ways to combat increasingly demanding and quick-to-sway customers. Improving the customer experience is a dynamic and multi-dimensional problem, but speaking from our experience in queue management, addressing the issue of the waiting/checkout line can be a big step in the right direction.

The waiting line can be improved in a number of ways, including:

1. Making the wait feel shorter

customer experienceWhen you’re entertained, busy, or distracted, time slips by virtually unnoticed. Create this perception in a queue to distract your customers – in a good way – by bringing in digital signage. Equipping your line with a digital media display provides opportunities to entertain and distract waiting customers with impactful video or still images. For an added boost, incorporate in-line merchandising alongside promotional digital media communications to boost impulse purchases.

customer experience

2. Making the wait actually shorter

Operating a multiple-line, multiple-server queue configuration? Switching to a single-line, multiple-server setup can dramatically reduce wait times. Bring in a call-forward electronic queuing system to your single-line queue to make the line even more efficient.

3. Getting rid of the waiting line all together

eliminate the waitEliminating the waiting line may seem counterintuitive but considering the digital world in which we live a virtual queue can actually calm your customers by giving them the freedom to shop, run a quick errand, make a phone call, or just sit and relax while they wait. With virtual queuing customers can check in to the waiting line via an in-store kiosk (or even online or via their smartphone), and wait for their turn to be called via in-store or text message alerts.

Regardless of how you accomplish the goal of improving your waiting line, the end result should be a better customer experience which will result in greater loyalty and a significant impact on the bottom line.

Talk to a Lavi queue management expert to plan your approach.