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Stanchions in the Entertainment Business

High Quality Branding and Effective Crowd Control in One Product

At entertainment complexes, stadiums, and other facilities in which large crowds gather, offers a collection of crowd control products and stanchions that provide optimal solutions for directing crowds and easing congestion in an orderly, efficient manner. For improved branding, products can be customized with attractive finishes and branding logos or messages that relate to your theme.

For lobbies, hallways and other areas, high quality Post and Rope stanchions are durable enough to stand up to anxious customers while displaying a high end theme for those who are waiting. Our inventory of lobby equipment and a wide variety of signage, from stand-alone bulletin holders and post top signage to 6’ tall signposts that stand above the crowd, are the optimal solutions for building crowds. offers quick shipping for those last minute needs you may have overlooked.
organization is key.

Crowd Control in the Banking Industry

Modern Crowd Control Solutions For a Better Customer Experience

With ample experience providing banks and financial institutions with modern crowd control products for many years, has developed a line of banking industry stanchions that can be customized to match your décor, providing a better customer banking experience and an appealing, modern appearance.

The Retracta-Belt stanchion queuing system efficiently streamlines customer flow, and the addition of a post mount writing table allows customers to complete forms while waiting in line. Post mounted literature holders provide customers with the forms they require in an easy, efficient and organized manner.

We even have solutions offering electronic line management. Electronic line management begins with a ‘first come first served’ single line configuration created with any of our range of customers guidance barriers. The electronic component manages the distribution of waiting customers from the line to available service positions.

Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction with crowd control solutions from Click to view our full range of products or call our friendly customer service agents at 631-367-2005.

Control Crowds at Arena Events

Arena events draw large crowds, and being able to maintain crowds in an orderly and efficient manner is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction and a safe, organized event. offers a wide range of durable, versatile products for use in arenas, concession areas and ticketing areas.

Portable posts and stanchions allow the greatest flexibility when creating queues, and post transporter carts allow you to more efficiently and easily setup and break down barriers between events. offers wall mounts to close off bathrooms during maintenance, a variety of signage products to direct people, and outdoor capable products for outdoor events.

For improved organization and safety at arena events, visit us at to view our full selection of stanchions and accessories or to speak with a Customer Service specialist, call 631-367-2005. 

Education Industry Solutions for Schools, Colleges & Universities

A school or college can be a hectic environment, and hallways, cafeterias and lobbies can easily become congested if students are unable to move along in an organized fashion. Providing direction and information is critical in ensuring that students move quickly and with purpose, to better ease congestion and needless loitering.

Our Retracta-Belt stanchions are an effective solution, found all across the country in schools and college campuses. Ideal for directing students in and out of lobbies and cafeterias, the addition of informative signage and directory boards adds further order and crowd management.  Manufactured in the US, our made-to-order bulletin boards, including illuminated glass door bulletin boards, can be used to display important notices and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  Available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and materials to suit your needs, they can be mounted to a wall or a set of legs.

Keep your schools organized and your students informed with products and solutions from offers the broadest selection of stanchions, rope and posts, signage and crowd control accessories at discount prices. Visit us at to view our full selection of stanchions and accessories or to speak with a Customer Service specialist, call 631-367-2005. 

Safety in the Oil & Gas Energy Sector

In the energy business today, the challenges are immense, complex and dynamic. If you are an oil or gas energy explorer or producer, you have a significant investment in machinery to protect, the safety and welfare of your workers to keep in mind at all times and your property to secure. Oil and gas production requires significant production facilities and transportation capabilities. At we specialize in the supplies to protect your oil and gas production facilities. After working with oil and gas producers around the world, we know what type of specialized equipment we can provide to support your production.

 For instance, in many locations, water filled jersey barriers are used to delineate road ways as heavy equipment moves around the production facility. These are easy to move and both protect equipment and identify traffic thruways. Our 42″ high delineators provide an economical way to identify traffic patterns and mark off work areas. Our wall mounted retractable belt stanchions are used indoors to protect machinery and create safe loading docks.

We have many products that are used to create FME barriers and help you stay OSHA compliant. Visit us at to view our full selection of safety cones, safety tapes, barriers and other industrial workplace safety solutions or to speak with a Customer Service specialist, call 631-367-2005.

“Miracle on the Hudson” Flight 1549 Protected by Display Stanchions

When the Carolinas Aviation Museum was searching for a product to protect the “Miracle on the Hudson” Flight 1549 Airbus A-320, they chose the Display Stanchion from

This incredible piece of aviation history is on display at the Carolinas Aviation Museum. Flight 1549 is an internationally recognized aviation icon. The aircraft is on display just as it was that January day it landed in the Hudson River, protected and surrounded by Display Stanchions and signage to show off this magnificent plane. The Display Stanchions provide protection for the display and allow for maximum visibility without line of sight distractions.

About offers the broadest selection of stanchions, rope and posts, signage and crowd control accessories at discount prices. Visit us at to view our full selection of stanchions and accessories or to speak with a Customer Service specialist, call 631-367-2005. 

About the Carolinas Aviation Museum:
Founded in 1992 and located at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, the Carolinas Aviation Museum’s mission is to preserve the history of aviation in the Carolinas and educate the society about aviation and its importance to the community.

Meeting the Needs of Crowd Control in the Casino Industry

Casino’s generally cater to tens of thousands of customers every night. has worked with Casino’s throughout the world to develop complete crowd control solutions that direct and control the large crowds that typically gather in different places within the Casino. Many Casino’s have chosen to work with because of our high quality and wide product mix. Many gaming areas, VIP areas and nightclubs within a Casino require a high-end, elegant  product such as posts and velour ropes, while heavy trafficked areas such as restaurants, show queues, registration and other customer lines require a durable, flexible retractable belt stanchion. Polished brass stanchions combine a classic design with a quality crowd control product to match a casino’s elegant décor. The products durability is able to withstand the rigors of an eager gaming crowd.

A large component to keeping the casino looking great is having a crowd control solution that matches the décor, which is what provides. Most Casino’s like how many different configurations we can offer. Whether they need retractable belt heads mounted on gaming tables, signs placed around the gaming floor, or traditional stanchions with both chrome and black finishes, we have a solution to meet their needs.

If you can’t find what you are looking for online, then give us a call on 631-367-2005 and our experts stand ready to discuss your requirements.

Crowd Control Stanchions

So many to choose from…Let us help you make the right choice! We offer a huge selection of crowd control stanchions. Whether you need Tensabarrier Retractable Belt Stanchions, Traditional Rope and Posts, Rolling Stanchions, Economy Plastic Posts or Heavy Duty Utility Crowd Control Barriers, the experts at can help you make the right choice. These stanchions are available in several finishes with numerous belt sizes and colors. When you are done selecting your post style, finish and size, be sure to order Signs and Accessories for those finishing touches, that make your setup complete.

If you need assistance designing your crowd control stanchions system, click the link for some helpful hints and images to give you an idea of the possibilities you have. With increased security levels, large groups of people and needs for line control, crowd control stanchions are necessary in most businesses. We highly recommend the Retractable Belt Stanchions for most applications. However, if you are working with a limited budget, our economy stanchions will surely do the job, and not empty your pockets. They are durable, long lasting, versatile, easily moved and good looking.

If you can’t find what you are looking for online, then give us a call on 631-367-2005 and our experts stand ready to discuss your requirements. 

Improve Your Workers Health and Safety with these Safety Stanchions, Wall Mounted Units and Signage

CrowdControlExperts wide range of safety products can help you be proactive, instead of reactive and stop accidents before they happen.

Retractable barriers (stanchions) and wall mounted units, provide the ability to swiftly and efficiently close off dangerous areas, define safe foot traffic routes and draw attention to hazards.  Helping you to easily improve workplace safety management with visual safety reminders in your business.

ESD, or Electrostatic Discharge, is a serious problem which compromises the integrity and reliability of components and assemblies that go into many products. Prevent unseen damage to electronic components during the manufacture of electronic assemblies and equipment with visual safety reminders throughout your Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA), to prevent lost production, additional manufacturing costs, customer dissatisfaction and engineers’ time on-site repair of parts. Utilize our products to: Clearly define EPA boundaries to outline when the safe area is entered and left; Remind personnel of the requirements and to ensure compliance at all times; Ensure personnel see ESD signs at all times, complying with key ESD regulation; Guarantee the best ESD protection and display important ESD safety messages in post top signage to reinforce regulations at the point of EPA exit.

Holiday Stanchions

This holiday season, many leading retailers have made the choice to partner with Our experts helped these retailers design and layout specialized queues to handle some of the larger crowds they expect to face this holiday season. We are utilizing our retractable belt stanchions in queues around the world for store and product sales including the Apple iPhone 5, Guess Jeans, Ugg Boots, Sam’s Club, and Costco Wholesale Clubs.

Our retractable belt barriers & stanchions will be used to help the store managers control the special product introductions, black Friday crowds and the holiday rush, when millions of customers are expected.

Our queue designers and consultants utilize best practice and safety guidelines to help our customers design their in-store and black Friday queue lines. For outside gathering places, we have successfully recommended and utilized galvanized steel barrier and water walls to protect property and life in past years.

We take into account the recommendations of police, fire and emergency responders when designing and preparing for these events. Utilize our expertise to help you safely plan for this holiday season.

Check out our specials and treat yourself to increased sales. Turn to the experts at to help you strategize a comprehensive solution that will improve your holiday sales. Our experts are ready to help at (631) 367-2005.