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Tensator Virtual Assistant blends man and machine (Video)


In an age where consumers prefer to interact with technology, contact with an actual human being is becoming an antiquated — and often avoided — concept. But for those looking for the perfect balance between man and machine, or who miss a little bit of the human element, a “virtual” person might do the trick.

Enter the Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra, a product the company calls a next generation digital signage solution. It creates a projected image and creates the illusion of a real person to convey brand messages, impart information and highlight products and promotions.

With a small footprint of 50cm by 50cm, the Virtual Assistant can fit within an aisle or as part of the aisle end caps. The base unit of the Ultra is made up of interchangeable covers, creating a full surround or three-sided wrap if placed flush against a wall, making it ideal for advertising and promotion, according to a news release on the product.

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Here’s What The Future Of Travel Looks Like

When Tupac dazzled audiences at the Coachella music festival last year, it heralded the mainstream arrival of the hologram. There was talk of a touring hologram Elvis and a dancing Marilyn Monroe, but few realized they’d soon interact with holograms on a more personal level at a place close to home: the local airport.

Introducing Paige and Carla. These virtual assistants were the first in a series of hologram personalities to pop up at airports across the United States. Paige made her debut last April at Washington Dulles, greeting and guiding international arrivals through customs as part of a summer-long pilot project. Carla joined the staff at Boston’s Logan International Airport over the summer in a different role, offering tips for getting through security checkpoints in two languages: English and Spanish.

Both Carla and Paige were designed by Tensator, a global leader of queue management solutions.

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Tensator set to display digital signage Virtual Assistant, self-service at NRF Big Show

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Tensator, a global provider of queue management and customer journey solutions, today announced it is launching several new digital signage and 

self-service retail solutions at this year’s NRF “Retail’s BIG Show” being held Jan. 13-16 at the Javits Center in New York City.

The company said its next-generation digital signage solution, the Tensator Virtual Assistant, is now fully integrated with Tensator’s eQ SLQ 3000 (single line queuing) call forward system. With these solutions mixed together, Tensator offers retailers a solution to engage with and inform customers as they are called forward to the checkout, the company said. Also being showcased for the first time is a new slim line casing for the Tensator Virtual Assistant that allows for a smaller overall footprint and is now offered as a standard option, giving more flexibility to retailers.  

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