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Beware of Fraudulent Made in the USA Labels

Does this label make something made in the USA? The answer is no! This is carefully worded to say assembled, designed, and developed in the USA but nowhere does it say manufactured. As a matter of fact, this label is now being applied to many products that are imported from China. As a true supporter of American manufacturers, we find it disgraceful that companies would import products from China and then fly the American flag on them and label them as Made in the USA. Any company that does this should be fined by our government.

Support your American manufacturers this 4th of July and watch out for the frauds!

Buy Made in America and Support the Economy

We are proud to offer many products including our plastic stanchions & chain and our retractable belt stanchions that are manufactured here in America. We hope you will shop our Made in the USA products and support our economy. Just look at the plastics economy to see why you should buy our plastic stanchions and chain:

  • The plastics industry is the third largest manufacturing industry in the United States, providing significantly to the nation’s economy.
  • The U.S. plastics industry employs more than 1 million workers.
  • The U.S. plastics industry creates $327 billion in annual shipments.
  • There are nearly 18,500 plastics facilities in the United States.
  • The plastics industry has a presence in every state.
  • Since 1980, U.S. plastics industry shipments have grown 3.4 percent per year.
  • Over the past 26 years, productivity in plastics manufacturing has grown 2.3 percent per year, which is faster than productivity growth for manufacturing as a whole.

The above information came from the SPI Plastics Data Source, which also includes individual state data.

At CrowdControlExperts.com, we offer a large selection of American made plastic products to choose from, including stanchions, chain, sign adapters, accessories and more. On America’s birthday this 4th of July, support your American manufacturers.